Quick Answer: What Is The Preferred Site For Im Injection?

Do you pinch skin for IM injection?

Insert needle at an 45o angle to the skin.

Pinch up on SQ tissue to prevent injecting into muscle.

Aspiration before injection is not required.

Multiple injections given in the same extremity should be separated as far as possible (preferably at least 1” apart)..

Which is the most preferred site for intramuscular injections in adults?

A ventrogluteal site is the most commonly used and recommended site for IM injections in adults and children of walking age because of the large muscle mass. This site is located away from the superior and inferior gluteal arteries as well as the sciatic and superior gluteal nerves,9 and is also the least painful.

Which of the following is the preferred site for intramuscular injection in infants?

The anterolateral thigh is the preferred site for IM injection in infants under 12 months of age. Medications are injected into the bulkiest part of the vastus lateralis thigh muscle, which is the junction of the upper and middle thirds of this muscle.

What are characteristics of intramuscular sites?

An intramuscular injection can be administered in multiple different muscles of the body. Common sites for IM injection include: deltoid, dorsogluteal, rectus femoris, vastus lateralis and ventrogluteal muscles. Sites that are bruised, tender, red, swollen, inflamed or scarred are generally avoided.

What is the best site for intramuscular injections?

Intramuscular injections are often given in the following areas:Deltoid muscle of the arm. The deltoid muscle is the site most typically used for vaccines. … Vastus lateralis muscle of the thigh. … Ventrogluteal muscle of the hip. … Dorsogluteal muscles of the buttocks.

Why is the Ventrogluteal the preferred site for an intramuscular injection?

Ventrogluteal site is considered as the most reliable and least painfull site for the injection applications. The reason for this; there is no large blood vessels or nerves and it is far from the bone tissue in ventrogluteal site (Beecroft and Redick 1990, Donaldson and Green, 2005, Nicoll and Hesby, 2002).

Which is the most preferred site for intramuscular injections in adults quizlet?

Which site is most commonly used for intramuscular injections? The ventrogluteal site is the preferred IM injection site for adults and children, but not for infants and toddlers. The abdomen is used for subcutaneous injections.

What happens if you give an IM injection wrong?

Erroneous injection location may cause severe damages If the muscle to be injected is small then so should the dose. [[8] In a small muscle the injection may cause more pain and damage [9]. If you repeatedly inject in the same location, the muscle can harden and become damaged.