What Curtains To Put On A Bay Window?

How do you hang curtains on a bay window?

If you’re using straight curtain rods, hang 1 rod over each window frame, or 2 rods if you’re using double brackets.

If you’re using a bay window curtain rod, line up the straight edges of the rod with the sections of your bay window.

The bent corners of the rod should line up with the corners in your bay window..

How do you fit a curtain pole in a bay window?

Fit the specially designed curtain rings onto the pole by either sliding them onto the pole, or clipping them into position. These bay window curtain rings should all be fitted before the last support bracket. After the last support bracket on either side of the pole, slide the remaining two solid rings.

What do you do with a bay window?

Insert bookcases into the sides of the bay, and use the space below the seat for drawer or cabinet storage. In a kids’ room, use curtains to make a nook special. Minimalists can make a bay window the focal point with bare glass and sconces on either side.

What is the difference between a bay window and a bow window?

A bay window has three openings, available in angled projections. A bow window usually has four or five. A bay window’s overall structure consists of a picture window with two other windows, usually smaller, on either side. A bow window’s structure is curved, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home.

What curtains to use on bay window?

Curtains for Our Bay WindowsBlack Rods – These are my favorite because they are super inexpensive, easy to hang, and come in really long lengths.Grommet Curtain Panels – These are my favorite panels since they are really long and thicker/sturdier than usual off-the-shelf panels.

Can you sit on a bay window?

If you have limited space in your home, consider installing a bay window in your kitchen. This offers an opportunity to use the bay window as everyday seating for your dining area. You’ll save space and even money from not needing dining room chairs—a win-win for any homeowner on a budget.

Can you put a sofa in front of a bay window?

Yes, you can put your sofa in front of bay window, but make sure the back of your sofa is not higher than the ledge of your window. That should be considered, so you can ensure that your sofa doesn’t block the outside view. … Use the windows as the center of orientation for your furniture.

Can you use eyelet curtains on a bay window?

Essentially you are treating your bay window like 3 separate windows, hanging one pole and a pair of curtains in the centre and individual poles and single curtains drawing outwards on either side. This is the only way you can hang eyelet curtains on a bay window.

How do you hang net curtains on a UPVC bay window?

A good option here is to use picture hooks above the frame and some no nails glue, to fix the hooks above the window. You can also use hooks along the middle of the wire the net runs across, to stop it from bowing in the middle.

What window treatments are in style 2019?

Window Treatment TrendsFloor-to-Ceiling Curtains. Floor-to-ceiling curtain panels make a space feel larger by elongating the wall, and the look is oh-so-modern. … Sheer Styles. Why trade natural light for privacy when you can have both? … Layer Blinds & Curtains. … Pastels. … Woven Wood Shades. … Jewel Tones & Metallic. … Curtains as a Focal Point. … Trim.More items…

What is the best window covering for a bay window?

6 Window Treatment Ideas for Bay WindowsDrapery Panels. The best placement for drapery panels is on the return walls of the bay window, suggests designer Amy Bubier. ” … Contemporary Valance. A top treatment, like a valance, is a great solution to make a room open and inviting. … Roman Shades. … Bay Window Hardware. … Window Seat.

Should you put curtains on a bay window?

Large Bay window If the windows are large and go almost all the way up to the ceiling, then you’ll want to use long curtains so you’d need one for each window. They will be operated individually and you’ll have the possibility of covering up the windows entirely.

How do you measure a curtain window for a bay window?

Start at one end of the bay window where the curtain track is to start. Measure across this section of wall to where it meets at the angle of the next section of wall. Write down the measurement and then measure across to the next section of wall, continuing around the bay to where the track is to finish.

What is the best way to use a bay window?

Gray curtains and a gray sofa is a great choice when you don’t want to turn a bay window into a focal point. Combine window seat with in-wall storage to create a perfect reading nook. A bay window could even become a small home library with lots of storage space.